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Stock Genie iPad App

Stock Genie for iPad

  • Featured as ‘New and Noteworthy’ in the App Store
  • Consistently been in the ‘Top 10 Finance Apps’
One of the most inviting App under the finance category of the App Store and without fail, rocking the charts. Stock Genie HD is irresistible, whether you are new or veteran in Stock Trading. The Interface is gorgeous with a lavish feature list. With expert hands on the application, this is truly a tempting App to multiply your investments and make your real wealth brim over your pocket.
Stock Genie iPhone App

Stock Genie for iPhone and iPod touch

Stock Genie for iPhone is an ‘all time favorite’ of the users, your personal Investment manager and your genie to back you for successful trading. This feature rich app has remained top in the charts since 1 year and downloaded by 1M users. A true possession, if you wish to invest money in the Stock market and make money out of it.
Stock Mentor iPad App

Stock Mentor for iPad

  • Featured as ‘New and Noteworthy’ in the App Store
  • Topmost downloaded finance Application in Asian, US, UK App Stores
Bitmantra puts a premium on such apps which turn into gainful assets for our clients. Our Project management team proposes to roll out apps which are strengths of tomorrow. With this very motive, StockMentor HD was developed for our esteemed client. After exemplary results from Stock Genie and Stock Mentor-iPhone, Bitmantra unfolded Stock Mentor HD to enhance the overall experience of Stock Mentor.

Stock Mentor for iPhone and iPod touch

Stock Mentor for iPhone was the first step for our client. Followed by the success of the iPhone version, the iPad version was rolled out. With a neat and simple interface, the popularity meter of Stock Mentor is self-evident. The returns and response of this App is beyond belief. Stock Mentor is a model that encourages you to invest time before you invest money. It does the thinking and research, so that you understand and invest money safely.
Learn to Bollywood iPhone App

Learn to Bollywood

Learn to Bollywood is a significant milestone covered by Bitmantra, which made a path to the magnetic glamour industry. This app is an iconic exemplar of the famous dancer Pallavi based in St. Louis. She is an eminent celebrity, has appeared in various lauded podiums and an active philanthropist. Pallavi is a mesmerizing dancer and a role model for those who have a passion for dancing. She was also invited for an exclusive interview by the Fox 2 news Channel. Bitmantra is honored to have developed the iPhone and iPad Apps for this magnificent personality.
Weird Test iPhone App

Weird Test

This weird test is a unique game of unlocking mysteries and puzzles. WIth an impressive user experience, the App has ten scientifically designed stages, which ensures hours of entertainment. A cool test of one’s humor and patience. Weird Test was created after careful study and research and a special one to Bitmantra because it was fully tailor-made and delivered in a weeks notice.
Creepy Sounds iPhone App

Creepy Sounds

Bitmantra developed Creepy Sounds, an Entertainment app having a collection of ghostly sounds for the Halloween festive mood. The exclusive features which add to the gameplay are, Time attack and Scare attack. One can reveal fear thorough this App as well as play pranks on people around. Creepy Sounds an experience which can be timed with features like the time attack and fear attack. On the Halloween night when witches’ laugh, black cats wander, owls scream and ghosts take a walk, suddenly you realize that its your iPhone spreading horror and inviting the spirits.
Photoshop Shortcuts iPad App

Photoshop Shortcuts

Photoshop shortcuts under the utility category, is a unique application which is build with the objective of improving the usefulness of a software by providing intelligent smart shortcuts. The development team strived to draft the featured shortcuts which is the eye-appeal of the application. With a sleek and neat design, this application enhances the functionality of an existing resource like Photoshop.

Lead Tracker

Lead Tracker is a easy to use iPhone app to keep track of any potential work you may have. A very simple solution for freelancers, consultants, marketers or sales professionals to keep track of inbound leads. It helps you in keeping track of leads and schedule reminders to contact potential leads. Email your contacts within the app and much more. A very intuitive and attractive User Interface to save you time and money!