You and yours

Bitmantra starts with you and transforms with yours. Our approach is easy as pie, you are the demanding end and we are the rewarding end. The team at Bitmantra sets it heart to craft rewarding projects for you. Our focus is to enrich our association with you, from the day we receive your requirements. Bitmantra is a rare combination of delivering technology with leadership.


Leveraging the skill set of our masterminds present on board is our literal rule. We set your sight on the perfect Application which our team strives to build and deliver. Bitmantras’ work plainly reflects an obvious framework which is client-centered. Our team proposes the required R&D for your project, mushrooming ideas are parceled by the Ideas-generation team, Project managers bundle up the blueprints, development junkies forward network diagrams illustrating the complete App, and furthermore, management gurus take care of the final execution and delivery. That is little about Bitmantras’ dedication towards clients.


At Bitmantra the right talent is acquired, continuously molded, and ever-evolving with the clients. With a confident team to back Bitmantra, we can deliver any project even in the shortest notice, be it less than 7 days. Our on-demand capacity is impressive. We are one of the most sought-after company, when it comes to a breakneck speed with no-compromising quality. The talent pool which is set out has the right spirit and attitude to make it happen. While technology is delighting, delivering it with Bitmantras’ touch is most important.

Mixed Bag

Bitmantra is a mixed bag of services. We love to do variety and be great at all. Our team carries on development for all platforms. Bitmantra has a specialized team for all platforms. iPhone lovers, iPad addicts, Android enthusiasts, Blackberry fanatics, Facebook fans, and Windows7 devotees. We welcome each and everyone to get associated for a miniature app to know, what wonders Bitmantra can do with your teeny-weeny App-idea.

Testing and QA

Testing and QA makes it complete, correct and secure. Before giving you the final piece of work, Bitmantra carries on product testing on a broader aspect. Testing and QA are done with verified techniques to ensure a flawless App at your disposal. Our successful testing and QA uncovers a lot of undiscovered errors which are henceforth made letter-perfect.